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Our publications include green sector and portfolio insights, case studies, and impact insights.

Green Enterprise Portfolio

We envision a sustainable transition to a green economy driven by SMEs that work together with financial institutions to build and scale innovative products and services, and create jobs in green sectors.

Our approach combines capacity building of post-revenue, scalable green enterprises and collaboration with financial institutions to facilitate access to tailored missing middle finance and catalyse climate finance.

KaCyber - UGEFA SME Stories

KaCyber Technologies is a Ugandan transportation technology startup on a mission to make sustainable and seamless mobility a reality in Africa. The company aims to create an effective, inclusive and green mobility industry by leveraging technology and sustainable practices to provide digital ticketing and payment systems for the public transport operators sector.

Kimuli Collections - UGEFA SME Stories

Kimuli Collections Ltd is a Ugandan inclusive eco-fashion label that transforms the plastic waste crisis in Africa into sustainable products, creating employment opportunities for the people living with disabilities as creative tailors and youths as waste collectors with an intention of curbing the waste crisis and changing the dumping behaviour in Africa.

Sustainable Tourism

Tourism increasingly plays a central role in Uganda’s economy. In Uganda, the sector is dominated by SMEs and family-owned businesses. These SMEs offer popular tourism services, including safaris, birdwatching, tours of cultural sites, handicrafts and more.

As Uganda moves forward in advancing a resilient, inclusive and green economy, sustainable tourism SMEs will play a central role. The tourism sector offers opportunities to generate income and jobs while protecting Uganda’s vast wildlife and biodiversity, and strengthening cultural heritage.