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Our Vision

We believe in the power of green enterprises to achieve environmental and social impact, and with our approach we are creating a solid foundation for their growth.

Our approach is based on three components which support green enterprises, from preparing them to mobilise financing to funding facilitation to post-investment support. Each component is effective and impactful as a stand-alone component; combined they offer our unique approach to comprehensively facilitate access to finance for green enterprises.

Catalyser Programme

Preparing green enterprises to access finance

Blended Finance Facility

Green SME fund – facilitating access to finance for green SME

Accelerator Programme

Supporting green enterprises to invest in growth

Green enterprises we support

The future is green, and small-and medium-sized enterprises are leading the way. UGEFA-supported businesses are innovating products and services that meet current demands while preserving valuable natural resources for future generations.

The UGEFA programme supports enterprises from green manufacturing (including agro-processing), clean energy, waste management sustainable tourism, and sustainable transport sectors. Meet some UGEFA-supported enterprises here.

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Join us in championing a sustainable future by exploring the pioneering efforts of these enterprises today!

How does it work?

1. Registration & Application

We can only accept applications submitted during our four Call for Application periods. The Application cycle is closed at the moment, but you can register interest.

2. Catalyser Support & Loan Application

Hands-on interactive workshops, where enterprises work with peers on key topics for financial readiness and growth.

3. Accelerator Support

Our Accelerator Programme will provide growth and investment support to successfully scale your enterprise.

What UGEFA-supported SMEs say about us